Tools of the Trade….

I wish I had more pictures of all of the instruments that I’ve had in years gone by, I have a few laying around….I’ll find them sometime.

Otherwise…let’s get to it

This picture is from 2005 or thereabouts…


on the left…you have a Johnson knock-off bass and on the right, a Yahama Pacifica guitar.  Yup, I’m left-handed….at least when it comes to playing instruments.  I bought both of these at a local mom and pop music store in Ludington, MI.  Bought em’ the old-school way, put a down payment and paid it off on layaway.  Also on the table to the right of the Yahama is a cheap Ukulele which I restrung so that I could play it.  Unfortunately, in 2007….I pawned off most of my instruments and equipment, including these two.  It was a sad day.

Now onto more current dealings…


This is my acoustic which has been beaten up over the years, it’s a Fender model and I got this at a Guitar Center in Cincinnati, OH.  It’s served me well over the last few years.  I keep it downtuned in D most of the time as I hate tuning and retuning if I want to play something in a lower key.  I just bought some heavy gauge strings, I think that will help it out a bit.


This is my electric, a Stedman Pro…knock-off…but it’s cool.  The only problem I really have with it is the build quality.  It never wants to stay in tune, this was a gift from my ex-fiancee’ and her father who got this for me on my birthday back in 2009.  So, on that basis alone…I’m never going to part with it but, I do have my eye on something better which you’ll see down below.


This is my piano, a Yamaha 88-key DGX-500.  My Brother got this for me a few years ago as a gift.  I learned how to play piano on this thing, it’s pretty neat.  It also has MIDI out going to my laptop so that I can play software instruments.  It too has been knocked around over the years, and a couple of keys on the higher octaves no longer work due to contacts wearing out.  I think I can fix that on my own, it’s a huge undertaking to take this whole thing apart to do something which may or may not work.  We’ll see…otherwise 85 of the 88 keys work just fine.

IMG_20140106_124907_1 IMG_20140106_124857

This is my vocal / acoustic guitar mic… Audio-Technica, I got this at Guitar Center in Grand Rapids a long time ago.  Does the job pretty well

IMG_20140106_124928 IMG_20140106_124921

This is my other instrument mic, a cheap Radio Shack mic that I got…well, at a Radio Shack.  I got that here in Tennessee just as an extra microphone, it’s not as focused of a mic as the one above..but then again, it’s not supposed to be…so you have to be real quiet when you use this because it’ll pick up everything!

IMG_20140106_124811 IMG_20140106_124831

What good are microphones and instruments if you can’t record them?  This is what gets the music into the computer, an M-Audio Fast Track Pro 2X2 which I’ve had for quite a few years.  It was actually unopened for most of that time because I had another cheaper M-Audio interface that I was still using.  I’m going to eventually step up to a FireWire interface at some point down the line.  I got this one on clearance at Comp USA in Grand Rapids when they were closing their store a while back, I don’t even remember what year it was now.  But I got this for almost 50% off the regular retail price.

And now for stuff that I’d like to get….Tax Refund time is around the corner, after all…..the following pictures were taken at a local music shop a few minutes away from me downtown…..


a Korg keyboard, not quite as big as mine as far as number of octaves and keys…but this thing plays and feels wonderful.  Price: $1300 (on sale, even!)


A Lefty Fender Jazz bass, this thing has been sitting over there for a couple of years..not too many left-handed bass players in town, I’d reckon.  Due to it being deadweight as far as inventory is concerned…it originally was going for around $700.  now it’s marked down to $550 or something like that.  Out of the three instruments, this is one that I’m definitely going to get come March or April.  This is #1 on my list because I’ve been in need of a bass for quite some time (ever since I pawned off my old one) and frankly, I miss playing bass.


This one was unexpected, I saw this sitting over by the front door.  This is where all of the used instruments go to sit around until someone buys them.  This is a nice guitar, a Kurt Cobain model Fender Jag-Stang.  Aptly named because of it’s combining of the Fender Jaguar and the Fender Mustang models of guitar.  It almost looks like a Fender Jazzmaster on steroids, haha.  I haven’t plugged it in to anything yet, but I have picked it up and played around with it.  The biggest thing I like about it (besides the fact that it’s a lefty) is the fact that it’s HEAVY….it weighs like a ton of bricks.  That’s a good thing actually, shows to me that this was built really well and can hold it’s tunings well and you won’t have to worry about beating it up over time.  This one is #2 behind the bass that I want to get.  If I’m extremely lucky, I can maybe put a down payment on both of these and pay them off over time.  We’ll see how it goes.

I’ll have more later in the week, have a good day peeps!


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